Pepe Mate

¿What's In Our Blend?

Supernatural Ingredients

🧉 100% organic yerba mate leaves

🍃 100% organic ground stevia leaves

🍋 100% organic lemon juice and a tiny bit of citric acid

🏔 Pure water coming straight from the Spanish Pyrenees


Clean energy

🏄‍♀️ Smooth & natural caffeine

🧘‍♂️ 0 sugar

🔥 0 calorie

Our Story

Pepe Mate’s adventure started in Berlin, the world capital of mate-infused soft drinks.

While living there, we became completely addicted to these smoky-sour-bittersweet caffeinated drinks.

Coming back to Spain, we couldn’t find our favorite magic potions anywhere.

So we made a local Mate soft drink that is crafted to be enjoyed under a sunny spanish weather.

We wanted a soda that everybody can drink guilt free.

Our mate is 100% organic and sugar-free because we strive to offer better drinks both for humans and nature.

Pepe Mate comes in an infinitely recyclable can.


¡Get your new favourite drink delivered straight to your doorstep!

A big box to pump up your best friend’s party, your family diner or simply to help you nail your exams

A small box to celebrate the small pleasures of life: having a picnic on the beach, finding a new catchy song or just cuddling a dog

Prefer to shop in person?

Pepe Mate is also in your city’s best spots!