Everything you need to know about Pepe Mate

The Drink

¿What's inside a can of Pepe Mate?

Only 3 organic ingredients: Yerba Mate, Stevia and Lemon Juice.

(Oh, and there's a fourth secret ingredient: Mucho Love)

¿Yerba Mate? ¿What's that?

Yerba mate a.k.a Ilex Paraguariensis, is a tree native to Latin America that can reach a height of 12 to 16 meters.

Its origin dates back to the Guarani tribes, who used the leaves of the tree as a beverage, an object of worship and currency. During long journeys through the jungle, the Spanish conquistadors noticed that the Guarani people had greater resistance after drinking this sacred beverage.

Later, the Jesuits contributed to its diffusion and commercialization, to the point that the infusion became known as The Jesuit tea.

¿Stevia? ¿What's that?

Stevia has been used over centuries by the Guaranis to sweeten their yerba mate infusions, as medicine, and also as a “sweet treat”.

Stevia has a magic superpower: it gives a sweet taste while containing 0 sugar and 0 calories. Therefore,  it’s  a perfect plant for all those who must do without sugar: diabetics, people prone to hypoglycemia, or those who just want to reduce their sugar intake.

¿Isn't Stevia like... a chemical?

Yeah  we know… stevia has a bad reputation. It’s because the common term for stevia refers to “steviol glycosides”, which are basically compounds from the plant, artificially extracted with chemical processes.

Pepe Mate’s stevia blend is just made of plain, ground organic leaves. It’s not extracted with any chemicals.

That's sweet right? 

¿What is the effect of Pepe Mate?

Yerba Mate is naturally rich in caffeine. Just like cocoa or guarana, its also contains theobromine, an alkaloid that increases the absorption time of caffeine in the body. 

Drinking Pepe Mate will give you a smooth, long-lasting energy and focus boost!

¿How much caffeine is in a can?

Each can contains approximately 40mg of caffeine.

You'll feel the energy & focus boost 20-30 mins after drinking Pepe Mate.

¿Is Pepe Mate carbonated?

Yup! We use the same machinery as in beer making. Therefore, Pepe Mate is fizzy and has a nice little foam.

We chose carbonation because we want you to feel the energy going inside of you at each sip.

¿Is Pepe Mate Made In Spain?


We produce Pepe Mate in a collaborative craft brewery.

It is located in Catalunya, in the province of pears and "Caracoles a La Llauna"... Lleida!

¿Where do your ingredients come from?

All our ingredients are cultivated following the core principles of organic farming.

Our Yerba Mate comes from a family-owned farm in the Misiones region of Argentina.

Our Lemon Juice grows 30km away from our production facility in Lleida, Spain. It's made by the family-owned farm Cal Valls.

Our secret stevia blend is made of leaves cultivated both in Andalucía and Extremadura.

¿What are Pepe Mate's nutritional facts?

Here they are per 100ml:

0 calories

0g of fat

3g of carbohydrates

of which 0g of sugar

0g of protein

0.02g of salt

(Pretty good right?)

¿Why is it in a can?

There are sooo many reasons to love aluminium cans:

It's the most sustainable packaging available for drinks.

It almost never breaks which means less waste.

It's 20x lighter than glass bottles. This allows less usage of resources to take them from point A to point B

The design is slick.

And... it's infinitely recyclable.

¿Where can I find Pepe Mate?

You can order directly from our website and also on Amazon.

If you want to enjoy Pepe Mate on-the-go, check the map of all our beloved retailers near you.

Pepe Spots

Payment & Shipping

¿Where do you guys ship?

We ship in the whole Iberian Peninsula (Spain + Portugal). More countries are coming soon!

¿What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit cards and also Bizum, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay!

¿My package never arrived / My package is heavily damaged, what should I do?

Sorry you had a unfortunate experience!

Please send us an email with all the details at yo@pepemate.com and we'll get you all squared away!

¿Can I cancel my order?

Please send us an email right away at yo@pepemate.com.

If the package has already been sent. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do.

However, if your package is still in our hands, we'll make sure to no send it! And we'll give your money back.

Bonus Questions

¿Can I make cocktails with Pepe Mate?

Of course!

Thanks to its complex taste, Pepe Mate is an amazing mixer!

Our personal favourite? the "Pepe Gin" 👖

It's like a Gin and Tonic, but instead of the tonic, you pour some Pepe Mate. Trust us, your life is gonna change forever.

ps: Drink moderately 🙏😇

¿Can I order you some Pepe Mate for an event I'm organizing?

Nice! Pepe Mate is the best party soft-drink because it keeps everybody energized and you can make funky cocktails with it.

Please, send us an email at yo@pepemate.com and we'll make all your dreams come true.

¿How should I dispose of the empty cans?

Please throw it away in the yellow bin! (Plastics&Metal)

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and the average time of recycling a can into another can is only 60 days!!

¿Why Pepe?

There are many unequally important reasons!

In Spain, Pepe is the nickname of people named José. As a proudly Made In Spain brand, we had to choose a name that resonates with every spaniard. And every spanish person knows someone named Pepe.

Also in France, our CEO Nathan's country of origin, Pepe is an affectionate equivalent of "Grandpa".

Finally, We believe Pepe is one of Portugal's greatest footballer of all time. When our CEO Nathan shaves his head, he looks a lot like him... So take that as a tribute.