Good Energía, Made in 🇪🇸

Pepe Mate’s adventure started in Berlin, the world capital of mate-infused soft drinks.

While living there, Nathan became completely addicted to those beverages.

Coming back to Spain, he couldn’t find his favorite magic potions anywhere.

He wanted a soda that everybody can drink guilt-free.

So he crafted his own Mate soft drink, designed to be enjoyed under the sunny spanish weather.


David, Lluís & Nathan

Our Mission

Good Energía For Everyone

We want to keep you energized so you can do the things you love.

Brew Better Drinks For Humans And Nature

Your health matters,

Our planet's health matters even more,

So let's protect both.

F**k The Status Quo

We're tired of having to choose between Coca-Cola, RedBull, Fanta, Aquarius, or Nestea...

Let's experience new flavors, new sensations, new everything.

Our Values


We're fully transparent towards our clients regarding our product, supply chain, carbon footprint and marketing messages.

(Only the recipe stays secret because you gotta keep some of the magic you know...)


Less is More, Small is Beautiful.

We're trying our best to achieve our vision while minimizing our impact, along with all the people involved in the Pepe Mate adventure.


In the end, Pepe Mate is all about giving energy to keep having fun in life.

Whether we're at work, studying, chilling or dancing, let's enjoy the ride.